Terry (Ter) Scott Life & Legacy Coach offers “Uncommon” Insurance, Income, and Protection
Products/Services. Finally, you have an agent who can coach you through life’s events.
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How would you like to do this process and
communicate with me via email for 4 weeks?

I will gladly do so (for a limited number of those
who request this; because I’m only one person
with the same amount of hours in the day that
you have) but with one caveat. The only way I
will agree to mentor anyone for these 4 weeks
is that you must agree to be accountable and
have some “skin” in the game.

What do I mean by having skin in the game?

There is a fee for this coaching. If you are
serious about attaining your life purpose and
your future results, how much would you be
willing to invest to make it happen?

Most mentors would charge you upwards to
$1000 to do this and I’ve literally have paid
thousands to get information like this.

But I want this to be affordable.

So I charge only $100 for these 4 weeks of
email consultation.

However, for a limited time, the first 10 people
this coaching for half price; only $49.

(If you came to the page and the price is still
shown as $49, you’re in luck. Once the 10 have
registered the price shown will be $99. Also if
the maximum number of people that I can
realistically coach is filled, your name will go on
a waiting list. This coaching offer may also
expire at any time).

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