Do you seek “success”? Which of these 8 do you desire?

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  • Good Health,
  • the enjoyment of food,
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  • life and a legacy after your time here on earth,
  • sexual gratification,
  • the well being of your children and those you love,
  • and a feeling of importance and respect.

You can have all of this (or improve in the areas in which you already have some success), in just a
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OK, so nothing is really “free” in life, so I will tell you now, that by my helping you… I am also helping myself

“No one can truly improve their own lot in life, without first helping others”. –Ter Scott!
I will show you how to take
advantage of this no cost
offer (with absolutely no
strings attached and nothing
to buy now or in the future)
very soon.

But first, please allow me to
share a bit about myself and
how I’ve searched and finally
found this valuable
information (no longer in
print) that I will soon pass on
to you.
I am a student and an instructor.
I have been a student, studying the
principles of success, and an instructor
assisting others on this journey
through life; achieving wants, goals,
and desires for years.

I now have a library of wonderful books
by authors who have shared their life
experiences and knowledge as I also
do now. In this age of computers,
books are still treasures that hold
And finally, I found … the
Several years ago my quest for real success information brought me to the small town of
Cornucopia. While in this town that time forgot, a town on the edge of the upper most tip of
Wisconsin that touches Lake Superior, I perused titles in a very small bookstore. Then, in
the upper “loft” of this rustic building, on the very top shelf … I found an old book. I sat
there all alone reading the pages and only glanced up once in awhile to view Lake Superior
through a dirty window pane. After a few more pages, I went back downstairs, paid for my
coveted find, and knowing I was holding the answers to changing the world, I came home
and studied every word.

The book is now out of print, and I’m sure you can’t find a copy, but don’t fret, I will not
withhold its truths. I will share these Lake Superior agates with you a few pebbles at a time.  
These dynamic laws of prosperity (mixed with my own methods of instruction) will be the
clear teaching, like the cold Lake Superior water you’ll drink on a hot summer’s day, that
will make you happy; very happy.  

Will you be one of the select few who take me up on this virtual relationship via the
Internet, via my exclusive success blog, and an occasional email from time to time?

Take the steps to learning success, defined by everything I’ve already stated at the outset of
my message here.  You have everything you need already in your possession; and you
simply have to know how to attain it! These 10 Secret Rules are the answer!
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But still you ask: Why am
I giving you these
“secrets” at no cost?
Believe me, I understand. I know that when things are thought as having little value and are given
away free, they are not respected; but when there is a “cost” associated with something, people tend
to appreciate it more. Well, I truly hope you do appreciate everything I will do to get these success
gems to you, but also remember …. these concepts are not mine to keep; but to share.

The Dutch Biologist Antonie van Leeuwenhoek knew of these 10 Secret Rules of Attainment and said:
“Whenever I found out anything remarkable, I have thought it my duty to put down my discovery on
paper, so that all ingenious people might be informed thereof”.  

My question to you is: “Are you ingenious?”

Another person from the past who knew these principles was the Roman philosopher of the mid-1st
century who told us:

“There is no delight in owning anything unshared”. -Seneca
Here’s also why I MUST give this away:
Have you ever been a teacher?
(Of course you have as everyone has taught something to someone, and
since we all learn from others, you’ve of course had the role of a teacher in
that respect).

So, you then have probably heard (and experienced) that when
teaching something, the teacher usually learns more than the
student. If you believe that, let that be the answer to you as to why
I’m offering all of this to you today… at no cost.
There is so much about success today. And so much is just “rehashed” and there is no real “system” or
“method” for making real change. Perhaps you’ve purchased books and systems that have not worked.
As an instructor, I have realized that there are ways to “get through” to the student so that he/she learns
and retains the information, thus seeing, experiencing, and living the results.

Now you’ll have me as your personal instructor.

I’ve also learned that (by the comments of my students, and other confirmations) that I actually know and
have acquired knowledge that people are seeking. Combined with my experience as an instructor at a
university for years, I combine my methods of teaching with this information to give you the ultimate chance
of implementing this into your life and really seeing the results!
Here’s what we can do together if you accept
the role of my student:

When you register you’ll automatically receive
the 10 Secret Rules of Attainment: bringing good
Health, the enjoyment of food, a restful night’s
sleep, money (lots of it) and the things money
can buy, life and a legacy after your time here
on earth, sexual gratification, the well being of
your children and those you love, and a feeling
of importance and respect into your life.

When you get it, print it and read it at least one
time daily; three times is ideal. It is sized so you
can print it on parchment, frame it and hang it in
a place you’ll see daily.
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10 Rules of Attainment AT NO COST!
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Yes, you are moments away from your poster of the
10 Secret Rules of Attainment.

When you register,  you’ll get the poster that displays the 10 Secret Rules.
At the bottom of that page, you’ll see my blog address listed. Click on the blog link.
(When you are at the blog page, be sure to “bookmark” it so you can visit often).
I  update the blog at least weekly expounding on one of these 10 points each week.
Be sure to place your comments each week because discipline is part of success.
As weeks progress, you’ll attain your goals and desires by being an active participant.

From time to time, I will email you my personal thoughts and yes,
you will see recommendations of materials I recommend for your success journey
toward attaining your wishes, but you’ll never be required to purchase anything.
*Simply following my suggestions, and taking action,
is all you need to accomplish and attain the things I’ve talked about here.
*DISCLAIMER: Why do some people
succeed and others “fail”? Could it
be like dialing a phone number
and not reaching the person you
want because you have all of the
numbers but you dial them in the
wrong order? Do you have and are
you really listening to your mentor?

You will indeed
achieve and see
improved results
in all of these
areas in your life by following the
10 Secret Rules of Attainment and
study the weekly “assignments”
but to what degree is up to you;
there are no “guarantees” except
your own.
You have nothing to lose, because you aren’t paying me
anything. (Because you are getting this as a “gift”, after you’
ve succeeded using these 10 Secret Rules of Attainment,
consider keeping the gift going and pass this information
on to others).

When you register, you’ll immediately receive the 10 Secret
Rules of Attainment poster to print and use. Stop with that
and you’ll be above the rest of the world when you follow
these 10 steps. Or, continue with reading the weekly blog
entries and interact with others in the group. Don’t worry,
you can ask to be removed from the emails any time and
we don’t share your email/information with anyone. You can
choose to take part in any of my recommended materials
only when you desire.

Why wait? I encourage you to not let
another moment pass without improving
yourself in all 10 of these rules and move
toward getting everything you desire in
life… in a big way!
Napoleon Bonaparte knew the 10 Secret
Rules of Attainment and said:
“Take time to deliberate; but when the time
for action arrives, stop thinking and go in”. –
Napoleon Bonaparte
Act now by taking the first step and register.
Change your tomorrow by your action today.
Register now and I’ll see you on the other
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Just one last quote if you are still on this page: “You can’t get rid of poverty by giving people money” – P.J.
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This is it... act now. If this is the last time we meet, I wish you the best of success!  When you decide to act,
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Ter Scott!

Do you seek “success”?
Register now and you can learn the 10 “rules”, for bringing all this into your life- FREE!
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